About Us

Guardian Locate was founded by a small group of people, out of our desire to provide an affordable solution for parents and caregivers to track their loved ones who wander.

Our co-founder, Rob Gorski, is a single father to three boys on the Autism Spectrum and is the multiple award winning blogger at The Autism Dad.

He is very aware of the struggles many Autism families face as it  relates to wandering. Within the Autism community alone, wandering has become an enormous problem with an estimated 50% of children on the spectrum wandering away from a place of safety.

The mission of Guardian Locate is to provide high quality, accurate and affordable GPS tracking tools for those who need them.

Our patented tracking solutions put the power to immediately locate a wandering loved one, into the hands of their parents or caregivers. The ability to quickly respond to the alert that your loved one has begun to wander, helps to ensure their immediate and safe recovery.

At Guardian Locate, we are all too aware that a solution to wandering is only beneficial to those who can afford it. It’s for that reason, we strive to provide our customers with options and make our tools as affordable as possible, without sacrificing quality, efficiency or accuracy.

While there is no way to prevent wandering entirely, we want to provide you with the tools needed to locate your loved ones, in the event wandering occurs.

“We make peace of mind affordable”