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Track Your Loved Ones with AutismTrack Loved Ones With Alzheimer'sTrack Your Family Pets

Track Your Loved Ones with Autism

Wandering related drowning is the #1 cause of Autism related deaths.

Track Loved Ones With Alzheimer's

Keep an eye on your loved ones with Alzheimer’s

Track Your Family Pets

Easily locate your family pet, should they run away or be stolen.


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Guardian Locate was founded by a small group of people, including a Fortune 100 IT executive, out of our desire to provide an affordable solution for parents and caregivers to track their loved ones who wander.

Within the Autism and Alzheimer’s community alone, wandering has become an epidemic with an estimated 50% of children on the Autism spectrum wandering away from a place of safety.

The mission of Guardian Locate is to provide the highest quality, most accurate and affordable GPS tracking tools for those who need them.

The patented Guardian Bracelet is second to none. Our hybrid tracking technology, backed by our state of the art custom software (designed by a Fortune 100 IT executive) ensures accurate tracking both indoors (Bluetooth) and outdoors (GPS) while never having to be removed.

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